A Meeting at Corvallis (Dies the Fire, Book 3)

A Meeting at Corvallis - S.M. Stirling "A Meeting at Corvallis" is the last book in the "Dies the Fire" trilogy. Part of S.M. Stirling's excellent Change Novels series, these books discuss a civilization reawakening after some astral phenomenon renders modern technology useless. Those who survive are the people who had arcane skills such as soapmaking, weaving -- and even medieval cottage construction and battle tactics.This book takes place in the ninth and 10th post-Change years, with characters from the previous three books growing older, if not always wiser. The primary households, Clan MacKenzie, the Bear Killers and the Portland Protective Association (the "bad guys") continue their skirmishes both on and off the battlefield, even trading hostages. What makes these books so good is that none of the characters are two-dimensional. "Bad guys" have their loves and concerns, and "good guys" have their anger and weaknesses. Juniper, Eilir, Mike, Tiphaine and all the rest are real people and not stereotypes.I have thoroughly enjoyed this trilogy and highly recommend all three books. They do need to be read in order to be properly enjoyed.