Mattimeo (Redwall Series #3)

Mattimeo - Brian Jacques The third book in Brian Jacques' charming Redwall series introduces Mattimeo, son of the abbey's warrior mouse Matthias. Mattimeo is a rather rowdy child and often gets himself into scrapes.We also meet Slagar, a slave-trading fox, whom we met in the pages of previous books (his name in those books was Chickenhunter). Slagar is determined to wreak revenge on Matthias for damaging his face in a previous battle, and so he kidnaps Mattimeo and some of the other Redwall youngsters.The Abbey's woodland folk send out a party to find the young ones, while the others remain behind and find themselves doing battle with ravens and magpies who take up residence in the rooftops.Jacques' prose is engaging, and he gives the little animals such tremendous personalities that the reader becomes very emotionally involved with each one. I highly recommend this series of novels.