Black Wolf: Loco Lobo - Magnolia Belle

Joaquin Black Wolf is in a pretty bad way a year after the death of his fiancée. He's drinking a lot, trying to forget. He decides that a better, more constructive way to try to forget is to work all of the time. So, in addition to his own successful band, he joins a new bar band as their drummer.


The girl singer is sweet on him, of course. And another band member, who is sweet on the girl singer, hates him.


And then there's AustinBel, the girl he talks to in the Black Wolf fan forum.


The book was entertaining, but my big hang-up was this: Joaquin is 21 years old (his 22nd birthday party is one of the events in the book). Does anyone seriously get engaged at age 20 these days? I could not get past Joaquin's age when it came to a number of matters that arose in the tale. Otherwise, it was a good contemporary romance story set against the backdrop of the music business.