Trial by Fire

Trial By Fire - J.A. Jance I'm a longtime fan of J.A. Jance's novels. "Trial by Fire" is the latest featuring Ali Reynolds, a former newspaper reporter and television journalist who seems to find her way into trouble fairly often.In this case, Ali is asked to step in as media relations officer for the local sheriff's department after a scandal rocks the office. She is thus on the scene at a fire when a woman's body is carried out and airlifted to a hospital. Ali is asked to stay at the hospital to try to find out who that woman might be (and also thus away from the ATF when they take over media operations). It is there that she meets patient advocate Sister Anselm, a nun who assists with finding families of unidentified patients.Those who set the fire, of course, do not want the woman to be identified and so they start to stalk Sister Anselm in an effort to impede her progress.The ending of the book took me by surprise, and that seldom happens with police procedurals/mysteries nowadays. I enjoyed the story very much.