Oscar Wilde and the Dead Man's Smile

Oscar Wilde and the Dead Man's Smile - Gyles Brandreth Anyone who does not yet know that I am an Oscar Wilde fan has not been paying attention. Thus, when I saw Gyles Brandreth's book on the shelf at my local library, I had to give the story a go.Brandreth has taken several real-life incidents from Wilde's life and built a clever and complex murder mystery around them. The main action takes place in Paris, during the time in which Wilde translated "Hamlet" into French for a local theatre group. Murders begin to plague the company, along with hints of madness, addiction and more.Brandreth has clearly researched his subject matter, accurately reproducing Victorian London, fin de siecle Paris and the theatrical milieu for his readers. He seems to inhabit Wilde in his characterization and thus creates a very entertaining book that fans of Wilde and murder mysteries alike are certain to enjoy. Highly recommended for Sherlock Holmes fans as well, as Arthur Conan Doyle makes his appearance at the beginning and end of the tale.