The Jade Owl (Jade Owl Legacy, #1)

The Jade Owl (Jade Owl Legacy, #1) - Edward C. Patterson I became acquainted with Edward C. Patterson via Operation eBook Drop: he founded the project and I'm a participating author. It seemed a natural progression to likewise acquaint myself with his work."The Jade Owl" is a science fiction/fantasy novel that starts out with Sinologist Rowden Gray being denied a job originally offered to him at San Francisco's Asian Art Museum. A passerby in the museum picks up the telegram Gray discards, and then leads Gray on a search for the artifact that obsessed Gray's late mentor (the eponymous owl).Patterson's research into Chinese culture and traditions is first-rate (his MA in the field bears that out). Throw in a tremendous gift for phrasing that makes his prose read like poetry, the ability to draw fascinating characters (I am no expert on LGBT literature, but I felt like I had met every one of his characters -- gay or straight -- out in the real world), and a fascinating mystery to be solved. Patterson's work is sure to find fans across many genres.