One in a Hundred Million: The Life and Times of Marion Urichich

One In A Hundred Million - Marion Urichich When Mr. Urichich sent his book to me, requesting a review, I was delighted to oblige. His memoir is written in a colloquial/folksy fashion that reminded me very much of my grandmother telling stories about growing up in the Midwest. I particularly enjoyed Urichich's stories about growing up in an immigrant family, and the struggles to earn money during the Depression and World War II. It's quite apparent throughout the book that Urichich's entrepreneural spirit was born of both necessity and a good mind.What caused me to knock a star off of my rating, sadly, was some very poor editing. Mr. Urichich states in his introductory chapters that he is not the most educated guy, and I can understand that. I can also understand wanting to keep the colloquial, conversational style intact. However, there were a number of distracting examples of homonym disagreement and mis-spellings that could have been fixed by using a proofreader.The editing issue is my only caveat, so if this is something that does not bother you, I think you will find this book very interesting.