Sweet Thursday

Sweet Thursday - John Steinbeck, Robert DeMott "Cannery Row" is my favorite John Steinbeck novel. So, when I found out about the sequel, "Sweet Thursday," I immediately added it to my reading list."Sweet Thursday" takes readers back to the familiar denizens of Cannery Row. In this book, Mack and Hazel, two of the fellows from the Palace Flophouse, decide that nothing will do but that they must arrange for Doc Ricketts to be married. And, of course, the bride-to-be must be Suzy -- the new girl at the Bear Flag (for those unfamiliar, the Bear Flag is a brothel).As is often the case, the best laid plans do not go as intended and numerous issues arise."Sweet Thursday" ranks alongside "Cannery Row" for me now. I love the cadence of Steinbeck's writing, and the way he draws flawed-yet-lovable characters for his readers. I wish that this book were better known, because Steinbeck fans would surely enjoy it.