Burning Wild (Leopard Series #3)

Burning Wild - Christine Feehan I don't ordinarily read paranormal romance. However, this one showed up in a bag of freebie books at the office and I figured I would give it a shot.Surprisingly, Feehan's "leopard people" are pretty sympathetic and interesting characters. In this story, Jake (who is abused by his parents as a child ... may be triggering scenes for some) vows to get revenge upon them using his financial acumen. He's fairly successful, of course, but keeps everyone at arm's length so that they don't have a chance to hurt him. He is a "shifter," with the ability to turn into a leopard. He kept this from his parents, who had wanted a "shifter" from whom they could profit.Suffice to say that Jake meets a woman who sets him on his ear -- and then the problems begin. I could have done without Feehan's use of Carlin's "7 words" in her erotica; that feels like lazy writing to me after a while, even though I am far from prudish. Otherwise, it was a far better book than I would have guessed and I enjoyed it.