What French Women Know

What French Women Know  About Love, Sex and Other Matters of the Heart and Mind - Debra Ollivier I read Debra Ollivier's previous book, "Entre Nous," and enjoyed it thoroughly. I jumped at the opportunity to review "What French Women Know," as I was certain that the well-known expatriate columniste for "Le Monde" would share more of her interesting insights to French culture.Ollivier did not disappoint. She writes about friendships, dating (a concept the French do not really have), cooking and shopping -- and how French women look at all of these things differently from American women.Ollivier's work is humorous and, at times, self-deprecating when she writes about her experiences in navigating the cultural differences between the French and the "Anglo-Saxons" (a catch-all term that some French folk use to describe the British or Americans).There are many lessons to be taken from the Gallic attitude toward life, and Ollivier shares them in an entertaining fashion. Highly recommended.