Gifts of War

Gifts of War - Mackenzie Ford It should come as no surprise that MacKenzie Ford's "Gifts of War" is well-researched; Ford is an historian writing under a non de plume.Taking the 1914 Christmas Truce as the jumping-off point, Ford writes about Hal Montgomery, an English soldier. During the Truce, Montgomery meets a German soldier called Wilhelm ... who has a girlfriend back in England. Wilhelm asks Montgomery to look her up and give her his photograph, since he cannot write to her without her being branded a traitor.Montgomery is injured at the front and sent to a hospital not far from Wilhelm's lady friend, Sam, lives. So, he looks her up and, instead of providing a communique from Wilhelm, begins to court her himself as he is smitten.The book details Montgomery's work in British Intelligence during WWI, and also describes some of the many privations suffered in Europe during that conflict. The book held my attention from the first page to the last, with its frank review of the times.Recommended for history buffs and romance fans alike. (Review based on uncorrected advance proof.)