The Last Ember

The Last Ember - Daniel Levin Daniel Levin's debut novel, "The Last Ember," is fast-paced, well-written and entertaining. The fact that he combines three of my interests (forensic science, antiquities and archaeology) is almost icing on this perfectly created cake.Levin's protagonist, Jonathan Marcus, is an archaeologist turned lawyer who comes to Rome to prosecute a case. To his surprise, one of the defendants is a former colleague, Emili Travia, from his archaeology days ... and she is trying to present evidence that a particular artifact has been stolen. This artifact is rather familiar to Jonathan, as it is part of his set of studies concerning historian Flavius Josephus.Throw in a corpse preserved inside a Corinthian column, international terrorism, smuggling and religious jurisdictional issues in the Middle East ... Levin has created a book with numerous layers and subplots that come together artfully at the end in a completely unexpected result.I am delighted to recommend this to fans of the numerous genres represented in this review. Levin has created a sure-fire bestseller with this work.(Review based on uncorrected advance proof.)