Dingo - Charles de Lint "Dingo" is Charles de Lint's latest foray into his urban fantasy world of Newford. The book is a quick read (I finished it in a little more than an hour), not only because it is only 212 pages, but also because you simply don't want to put it down.Miguel (regular readers of the Newford series will recognize the boy's father as the town's record shop owner) meets a beautiful Australian exchange student named Lainey, who is walking a rather unusual dog whom she calls Em. Em is a dingo, an Australian wild do. Miguel's arch-rival Johnny, in the mean time, meets a beautiful exchange student named Em, and her dog Lainey.And here is where the adventure begins. The girls are twins, shape-shifters who can only leave their house when one of them is in animal form. They introduce Miguel and Johnny to the Dreamtime world, where the first dingo (Warrigal) is trying to entice them to lift a curse under which he lives.As is always the case with de Lint, he creates a world where fantasy and reality intermingle seamlessly. Highly entertaining and well worth the read.