Men at Arms (Discworld Series)

Men at Arms - Terry Pratchett Having enjoyed many of Pratchett's books featuring the Wyrd Sisters (three witches), reading the books featuring the City Watch seemed a logical next move. To that end, I started with "Men at Arms."In this outing, Pratchett introduces the semi-medieval community of Ankh-Morpork to the concept of firearms. The Watch are investigating an unauthorized murder (the Assassins Guild has a license ...) committed with a weapon never previously seen -- the "gonne."During the course of the investigation, racial tensions between dwarves and trolls, and the challenges of a female werewolf falling in love with a mortal, provide entertaining subplots that are rife with Pratchett's usual humor.As with other Pratchett books, the more well-read you are, the more amusing this one will be. Highly entertaining read.