The Fire: A Novel

The Fire - Katherine Neville Like millions of readers around the world, I have eagerly awaited a sequel to "The Eight." Twenty years after publication of the original, Neville brings forth a work that is just as entertaining and delightful as its parent work.With plotlines taken directly from the headlines, "The Fire" focuses on Alexandra Solarin, daughter of Catherine and Aleksandr (two of the main characters in "The Eight"). On the verge of becoming the youngest grandmaster in the history of the game, she stops playing, at her mother's behest, in the wake of a family tragedy. Catherine believes she is protecting her daughter from involvement in the same world-wide Game she herself left ... a game relating to the infamous Montglane Chess Service.This book takes the reader through Regency England, the Russo-Turkish wars, the French Revolution and more, with well-written and carefully researched historical personae and incidents intertwined in the action. I cannot recommend this novel highly enough.(Review based on Advance Reader Edition)