Rock 'n Roll Heaven - Shawn Inmon

In the interest of full disclosure, I will tell you that I received an eBook copy of this title from the author.


"Rock and Roll Heaven" is the story of Jimmy Velvet, a bar band singer who is, in his own words, a "never was." He's a party and groupie kind of guy who never quite makes it out of the local venue scene, despite having been in the business for years.


After yet another miserable gig, he and the rest of the band get on the tour bus to hit the road ... and are in a car accident.


Jimmy wakes up in Heaven. Or, at least some version thereof. And he meets some very interesting people along the way.


Shawn Inmon's prose keeps you engaged, and his musical knowledge is outstanding. His author's note tells readers how he filled in the gaps in his knowledge via research and friends who knew about things like specific guitar models, etc. This story is also a labor of love; the same note explains how the first draft was written 20 years before it was ever published.


My one complaint is that the final chapter felt a little bit tacked on. Otherwise, it's a delightful read.