Sample Saturday

In The Eye Of The Beholder: A Novel of the Phantom of the Opera - Sharon E. Cathcart

Sample Saturday: A snippet from Chapter 1 of "In The Eye of The Beholder." The paperback is available from Amazon or Barnes & Noble; the eBook is available at all of the usual outlets, including Apple iBookstore, Kobobooks, etc. Enjoy!

As I turned away from the glass, I noticed the rose. Its long stem was wrapped in black silk ribbon. I had never received flowers in my room; that was always for the chorus girls or singers. I was merely the horse woman and not sought after by admirers, whom I would only have discouraged anyway. Perhaps Francois had left it for me; he knew I loved the scent. My cousin and I were not close, but he made such kind gestures from time to time.

I glanced at the clock: it was nearly time for me to be in the stable to warm up the horse prior to our appearance. I hurried down the short flight of stairs, wanting to take the extra time with Pierrot.

This was not the life I had envisioned for myself.