Legend in Green Velvet - Elizabeth Peters

I've been an admirer of Elizabeth Peters' work for years, so I was delighted to find a book I hadn't yet read.

In this one, archaeology student Susan is on her way to a dig in the Central Highlands. She has a very romanticized idea of what Scotland is like, and is finding herself disappointed on numerous levels -- especially when she winds up being framed for a murder that pulls her into unwanted intrigue.

Along with her is Jamie Erskine, a young Scot who is heir to the ancestral title and wants nothing more to be a policeman. They don't like each other much, although Jamie is very attracted to Susan. She, on the other hand, finds his prickly beard and long hair off-putting.

Pretty soon, the two of them are on the run from a ruthless ring of smugglers. In order to disguise himself better, Jamie cuts his hair and shaves. The result of this (view spoiler) Anyway, the two of them use this to their advantage on several occasions.

What was fun about this book for me is that I have been to all of the places Peters writes about in the tale. Loch Ness, Edinburgh, Culloden, etc., are dear and familiar locations as a result of my travels.

What I didn't feel was the chemistry between Jamie and Susan. That cost a star.