Sample Saturday: Les Pensees Dangereuses

Les Pensees Dangereuses: Dangerous thoughts about life, love, pets, friends and depression - Sharon E. Cathcart

Sample Saturday for this week is a snippet from Les Pensees Dangereuses.  I chose it in light of this week's decisions by the US Supreme Court.  Enjoy!

The three of us learned a lesson in humility when Doug came up to the table. Doug is an elderly man, and was out shopping with his wife. He was wearing a lot of Catholic/Christian jewelry, including a large crucifix.  When we talked about the incident afterward, we all agreed that we began to mentally prepare ourselves for another rant about "god" or "children" or something.

Doug came up to the table and said "Thank you. I voted against this damned Prop 8. I've got a son who is gay, and my daughter gave me five beautiful, half-black grandchildren. Prejudice and bigotry are just wrong. People should know better in this day and age."

He then told a funny story that made us laugh, and we agreed that if Doug ran for president we would vote for him.
So thank you, Doug, for making my day. I told your story to the other volunteers at No on 8 headquarters while we ate our nice Togos sandwiches (thanks for the sandwiches, gang!). We're grateful to people like you who really get it.


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