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The Volcano Lady: Vol. 3 - The Great Earthquake Machine (Volume 3) - S. N. Jacobsen, T.E. MacArthur

This is the third Volcano Lady book in the series, and one of the finest. In this outing, a man calling himself "The Earthshaker" is setting off explosions that literally rock England and cause all sorts of problems. The Home Office sends Doctor Lettie Gantry, a volcanologist, to investigate.

In the mean while, the Americans have sent Tom Turner to look into the matter ... and he is Lettie's would-be sweetheart. There has not been a more star-crossed pair in literature in a very long while!

Author T.E. MacArthur grounds her tales in historical events and sprinkles them with characters not only from her own imagination but also from Victorian-era science fiction. The Colchester earthquake with which she credits The Earthshaker was an actual occurrence, for example.

Lettie is a complex character, trying to make her way as an intellectual in a world that tells her she is literally incapable of being one ... and also still trying to remain socially acceptable at the same time. Turner and the other characters are equally well-drawn and entertaining.