Sample Saturday, "Les Pensées Dangereuses" Edition

Les Pensees Dangereuses - Sharon E. Cathcart

Today's sample is in honor of yesterday's SCOTUS ruling. Enjoy!

The Best Thing I've Ever Done (Blog, 11/15/08)

Today I was part of the national marriage equality protest. It was beyond a doubt the best and most important thing I have ever done.

There were approximately 2,500 people at the demonstration in San Jose. The organizers read letters from Reps. Honda and Lofgren supporting the cause. Our newly elected Supervisor spoke and gave us his support. Our elected member of the Board of Equalization, the only out lesbian elected official in the county, spoke. Leaders from the interfaith community spoke.

We chanted. We sang "We Shall Overcome." We held hands. We waved at people who honked their automobile horns in support. We jeered the guy who actually pulled over his car to get out and flip us off, yelling about straight rights. I responded to him: "I'm straight too." He and his girlfriend kept up their crap until someone in the crowd threw a Starbucks cup at them and then they got back in their car and left. We had one counter-protestor across the street with a sign that said "Yes on 8, No Gay Marriage." He was peaceful, and when he was ready to leave he asked one of the policemen who were there to please walk him back to his car.

I only left (after two hours) because my hypoglycemia started to get the best of me; I had been too keyed up to eat.

Let me tell you what the most amazing part was. There were four groups of us that marched from different directions and converged at City Hall for the rally. As soon as we got there, I began to just bawl. This is one of the few times in my life that I have genuinely felt the presence of the godhead. I felt a fullness inside me that had no explanation and it took me half an hour to stop crying. The beautiful prayer by the minister from the Metropolitan Community Church, which started "God of the redwoods, god of the ocean, god of the summer breeze and of cool November mornings, thank you for being with us here today" was very moving and spoke to the pagan in me.

I thought, "This is a man who might have been able to bring me back to church a few years back."

I am so glad I was part of this national protest.

What do we want?

Civil rights.

When do we want them?

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