Sample Saturday, "In The Eye of The Storm" Sneak Preview

Please enjoy this sample from the forthcoming "In The Eye of The Storm," which is the sequel to "In The Eye of The Beholder."


Zareh’s house was astonishing to Veronique; she goggled at the Persian furniture and rugs before taking up a place on a large pillow.  Zareh, Gilbert and I drank glasses of thick Turkish coffee and reminisced.

“So, this is Erik’s daughter.”  Zareh turned his jade-green gaze to where she sat quietly.  “Tell me, child, are you musical as well?”

“I am learning the violin,” Veronique responded.  I had taught her to speak when spoken to by adults and to confine her remarks, so she was rather direct.

“And for fun, what?”

“I play with the kittens, or Maman reads to me.”

Zareh went to another room and came back with a beautiful porcelain doll.  He sat next to Veronique on the divan.

“This doll once belonged to a princess in Persia,” he said.  ‘She knew your papa and me.  She gave it to me for a daughter if I ever had one, but I think that she would like you to have this.”

The doll was beautifully painted, with a wig of real black hair and green eyes.  Her costume was a long green tunic and trousers, and she had pointed leather shoes.

“What do you say, Veronique,” I urged.

“Monsieur Zareh, what did the princess call her doll?”

“Her name was Khadija,” he replied.

“Thank you.  I promise to take very good care of her  She is beautiful, and she looks like me with her black hair and green eyes.”

It was many years before we learned that Zareh’s beautiful gift had indeed belonged to the Persian khanum.  Veronique was delighted to receive such a beautiful plaything, and Khadija became one of her dearest treasures.