Sample Saturday, "Flowers of London"

— feeling excited

Today's sample is from my current work-in-progress. "Flowers of London" is the first book in a planned trilogy, and will be released in 2016. Enjoy!



Thaddeus Flowers awoke in a bed not his own, head pounding. He’d definitely taken too much ale at the White Horse last night, and was not entirely sure where he was. The pub was in the Seven Dials, but he might be anywhere from there to Chelsea.

Raking his fingers through his dark hair, Thad sat up slowly. The dull light filtering in through the curtains showed a respectable enough room; his clothes were draped across a chair … on top of what looked like a petticoat. 

Oh, dear God.

Thad looked at the sleeping figure next to him. The young woman’s red hair was spread across the pillow, her face serene in sleep.

 A pretty girl, Thad thought. I wish I remembered her name!

With movements that were far too practiced even for his own liking, Thad slid out of bed without disturbing the redhead. All clothes except for his boots were donned quietly. Once outside the room, and the house, he would put on his boots and walk away.

As he’d done so many times before.