Sample Saturday: "2010 Hindsight"

2010 Hindsight: A Year of Personal Growth, In Spite of Myself - Sharon E. Cathcart

"2010 Hindsight:  A Year of Personal Growth, In Spite of Myself," is available via Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Apple iBooks, and other fine retailers.  Enjoy this sample:

I didn’t know it then, but Rev. Mike’s departure from MCC was actually the beginning of a spiritual journey that would see me examining myself, my beliefs and what I really wanted from life. 

Rev. Daryl, who was the pastor for our host church, Grace Baptist, was our guest preacher not too long after Rev. Mike's departure.  He took us on a different journey with the story of the good Samaritan.  He helped me to realize something I had not understood before.  I liked to think of myself as being like that good Samaritan, who helped the person in need because it was the right thing to do.  Rev. Daryl suggested that we look at the story from the perspective of the man in the ditch, lying there and hoping that someone would notice his needs and render aid because he was too afraid to ask.

I realized that I was, in many ways, like the man in the ditch.  I was doing things to help others, but feeling very ashamed of letting others know when I needed some help myself.  This was a true epiphany, and something that I hope we can all consider.  When you suspect that someone is in need and afraid to say so, reach out to them.  By the same token, when you are the one in need, don't be afraid to say something.