The Beltane Choice - Nancy Jardine

"The Beltane Choice" is the story of two Celts from different tribes: Nara of the Selgovae and Lorcan of the Brigantes. The two tribes are rivals themselves, but both face the threat of Roman invasion.

The story follows a rather typical romance novel track: man and woman meet and hate each other, then fall in love eventually and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, for this aspect of the story, I simply did not feel any kind of real chemistry between the two -- despite the author telling readers so quite a few times.

What kept this book in the four-star range for me was the historical fiction aspect. The author has clearly done her homework as regards Roman Britain, and it showed. She knew how warriors trained, understood Druidic religion and festivals, and even how people lived, worked and ate. It was this aspect that kept me interested far more than the romance between the two main characters.