More Twists and Turns Than a London Rookery

The Infidel Stain - Miranda Carter

While this is the second book in the Blake & Avery series, it is the first one I have read.

The two protagonists are newly returned from the wars in Afghanistan, and widely touted as heroes. As a result, they are hired to investigate a murder that the police are ignoring, but which has captured the attention of a well-known reformer, Lord Allington.

The murders continue apace, with methodology and the victims' occupations as printers tying them together. Blake and Avery find themselves entangled in not only the murders, but rival political factions as well.

The book is peopled with places and names straight out of history, and the mystery is well-constructed. The author has clearly done his research, given the lengthy historical notes at the back of the book.

Highly recommended for those who enjoy a historical mystery