Heart of Evil - Heather Graham

I am ridiculously fond of the Krewe of Hunters series. The first one I read was The Night Is Forever, which is in the middle of the series, and I was hooked on these paranormal mysteries. I'm now going back and catching the ones I've missed.

This particular book takes place in New Orleans, and in the bayou country on the fictional Donegal plantation. After a Civil War reenactment, one of the participants disappears. Ashley Donegal, daughter of the plantation owner, knows something is wrong -- but police won't listen ... until the man turns up dead. More deaths, of course, ensue.

The Krewe of Hunters, a special FBI behavioral analysis unit, are brought in because plantation owner Frazier Donegal is friends with their director ... but the ghosts only want to talk to krewe member Jake Mallory. And he's Ashley's ex-boyfriend.

The twists and turns in the tale are many, and the whodunnit took me by surprise (that's a rarity). It was a bonus to see characters in the books walking NOLA streets that I love.

Quite an entertaining read.