111 Places in New Orleans That You Must Not Miss - Sally Asher, Michael Murphy

I am a travel book junkie; there's no other way to put it. I enjoy reading books about places I plan to visit, have never seen, and places I have been and loved.

This book is a splendid example of why. Two local New Orleanians, one a writer and one a photographer, have selected 111 off-the-beaten-path places in the Crescent City that are at least worth taking a moment to look at. Some of them I had seen; some of them I had no idea even existed. Did you know there's a Mardi Gras tree at Tulane University, that students have been adding more beads to for years? Or that there's a laundromat, Igor's Checkpoint Charlie, that has live music?

I didn't either, until I read this book.

The photographs are gorgeous, and each of the 111 entries has a "you might also want to visit" in the information section. Technically, this gives you 222 places that you must not miss.

There is an entire series of these 111 Things books, and I've put a few of them on my "to read" list. They really are that good.