Decent Literary Fiction -- But I Couldn't Connect with the Main Character

Asunder - Chloe Aridjis

Marie is a security guard at the London's National Gallery ... and something of an artist in her own right.  She decides to become a guard at the museum after hearing her grandfather, Ted, talk about his time there -- during which a suffragette damaged one of the paintings.

Marie is still a little in love with her ex, Julian.  When Julian gets involved with Marie's flatmate, Jane, she decides to take advantage of an opportunity to visit Paris with a friend, Daniel.

The plot is a little confusing and surreal, I have to say.  The prose is beautiful, and the settings well-described.  However, I never did find a connection with Marie; even at the end of the book, I found her motives for *every decision* confusing.

I know that the author has won several accolades, and there's no doubt that she's an outstanding wordsmith.  This book just was not my cup of tea.