Fascinating look at "what might have been"

Margot: A Novel - Jillian Cantor

Jillian Cantor's "Margot" is a different kind of speculative historical fiction:  what might have happened if Anne Frank's sister, Margot, had survived the camps and come to the United States?

As Margie Franklin, Margot pretends to be a Gentile.  She wears sweaters, even in the sweltering Philadelphia summer of 1959, to hide the concentration camp tattoo on her arm.  In other words, Margie is still in hiding more than a decade after WWII.

When the film based on her more famous sister's diary is released, Margot's carefully constructed world starts to collapse around her ... and this is the primary focus of the book.

Cantor creates a believable heroine in Margot, with her desire to fit in and not have anyone know who she really is due to the anti-Semitism around her.  The situations and people are all interesting, and the book is a well-constructed, tight tale of the immigration experience.

Highly recommended!

(Review based on uncorrected advance proof.)