Fast-paced thriller set in the seedy side of Paris

The Crypt Thief: A Hugo Marston Novel - Mark Pryor

When a senator's son and a female Pakistani refugee are shot near Jim Morrison's grave at Pere Lachaise, former profiler Hugo Marston is called in by the Paris police to help them figure out who might have done such a thing. On top of that, part of dancer Jane Avril's skeleton is discovered to be missing.

Is the murder tied to the grave robbery? And how is the Pakistani woman tied to a terrorist network?

These are questions before Marson and his former CIA officer roommate, Tom -- who is drinking way more than he ought to.

That's the initial plot of "The Crypt Thief," an outstanding thriller set in one of my favorite cities. Author Mark Pryor takes us through some of the seedier parts of town (Montmartre, Pigalle and Belleville), as well as the Latin Quarter, throughout the action. In the mean while, he treats us to well-drawn characters who are believable; even the "good guys" have their demons to battle.

There's no real "whodunnit"; we see all of the action from start to finish. We come to understand the reasoning, for lack of a better word, behind the criminal's actions ... even as Marston develops a profile that helps his comrades in the police department track down the perpetrator.

Highly recommended!

(Review based on uncorrected advance proof.)