On Gold Mountain - Lisa See

I have enjoyed Lisa See's fiction, so when this book turned up on our office paperback trading shelf, I was very excited.

See examines the experience of Chinese immigrants and Chinese-Americans through her own family's history.  Starting with great-great-great grandfather Fong See coming to America to work on the railroads and up through the current day, See uses historical documents, family interviews and as many primary sources as possible to tell her story.  The family is affected by the Chinese Exclusion Acts, and even internments of Japanese friends.  There are financial ups and downs across the generations, and even the rich-and-famous (such as actress Anna May Wong) are part of the tail.

I read the new edition, with a 2012 epilogue that updates one branch of the family with new information that was unavailable at the time of See's initial writing. 

I found the book informative and entertaining.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/770448455