The Periodic Metrics Post

Hi, everyone.

Now and then, I like to examine my sales metrics. What I'm sharing below does not include anthologies in which I have pieces (although one has sold more than 10,000 copies on Amazon), nor does it include paperback sales. I'm strictly examining eBooks for which I am the sole author.

As of today, I've sold 5,536 copies across all titles and outlets. That's quite something, when you consider that the average independent/small press author is unlikely to sell more than 100 copies.

Of that number, 876 copies were sold via Amazon across all of their international outlets. That means that the remaining 4,660 came from Smashwords and the extended distribution I enjoy there. An overwhelming majority of *that* number were sold via Barnes & Noble.

What I can deduce from this is that ePub editions of my books are outselling .mobi editions by a factor of 5:1.

I am grateful for every single sale and freebie download -- no matter where they happen. However, this is the reason why I tell people I am not interested in using KDP-Select. A lot of people think it's worth putting all of their eggs in one basket, but I'm not willing to give up 80 percent of my audience on the off-chance that Amazon sales will make up for that.