More than "just another dog book"

The Second-Chance Dog: A Love Story - Jon Katz

Author Jon Katz is in the middle of a disintegrating marriage when he meets artist Maria Wulff and her overprotective dog, Frieda. Katz, an experienced dog trainer and small farm owner, realizes that if he wants to become closer to Maria, he has to get past the dog.

Katz writes frankly, not only about learning Frieda's background through rescue volunteers and her first owners, but also about his nervous breakdown and panic attacks that happened concurrently with meeting Maria and getting to know her better.

There is a lot about Katz and Frieda figuring out that they are not really a threat to each other, but also about trust in human relationships as well.

Dog lovers are sure to enjoy this happy-ending story about a rescue dog with a hard past and the man and woman who love her.