Sample Saturday: "Clytie's Caller"

Here's your first peek into my Regency novella work-in-progress.  Enjoy!


"It was at Allmack’s.  I stepped out to get a breath of fresh air after dancing the ‘Sir Roger de Coverley’ …” she paused.  “It was almost like what happened to Georgiana Darcy.  And then, I started seeing him everywhere … and …”

Her voice broke.

“I must ask you to leave now, Samuel.”

“As you wish.”

Clearly, he had pushed too hard.  And who on Earth was Georgiana Darcy?


That was the question he put to Isabel after supper that night.

“You know all of the Society girls, and I’ve never heard of her.”

“You are such a ninnyhammer, Sam.”  Isabel pulled two volumes from a nearby bookcase and dropped them into his lap.  “Georgiana Darcy is a character in ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ Sam.  She’s not a real girl.”