Summer/Winter Promotion 2014 Metrics

Hi, everyone. This will be the fifth year (inclusive) in which I've participated in Smashwords' annual Summer/Winter Promotion.

This year, I made all titles free for the duration of the event. I had a total of 80 transactions, many of which were for multiple sales. Here's how it all fell out.

For non-fiction titles:

Les Pensees Dangereuses - 3
You Had to Be There: Three Years of Mayhem and Bad Decisions in the Portland Music Scene - 3
2010 Hindsight: A Year of Personal Growth, In Spite of Myself - 1

For fiction titles:

Clytie's Caller - 29 (the clear leader this year)
His Beloved Infidel - 9
Brief Interludes - 10
The Rock Star in the Mirror - 6
In The Eye of The Beholder: A Novel of The Phantom of the Opera - 8
In The Eye of The Storm: A Novel of the Phantom of the Opera - 23 (second place)
Through the Opera Glass - 12

Total number of books bought during the event: 101

Thanks, as always, to both new and returning readers for participating.