But Inside I'm Screaming

But Inside I'm Screaming - Elizabeth Flock "But Inside I'm Screaming" is a great read for Mental Health Awareness Month (every May).Protagonist Isabel Murphy is a successful newscaster for a major network. Her personal life, with a demanding mother, absent father and abusive husband, is a shambles. Her breakdown takes place on national television as she attempts to report on Princess Diana's death. She goes home from her failed broadcast, attempts suicide, and is committed to an inpatient mental hospital.Isabel and her fellow patients are presented in a believable fashion, with a variety of issues. Author Elizabeth Flock has presented the characters not as two-dimensional stereotypes but as real people about whom the reader comes to care throughout the book.Showing that mentally ill people are not all dangerous and frightening people, that they are everyday people who walk among us each day, is an admirable goal for an author. Flock's book is, in my opinion, one of the best novels for helping to break down stereotypes and stigma about the complicated ways in which our brains help us cope with life.