Not Your Every-day Ghost Story

The Night Is Forever - Heather Graham

Olivia Gordon is seeing ghosts: one of them is a Civil War general, Rufus Cunningham. The other is her employer, Marcus Danby, whose body is in front of her ... while his ghost is tapping her on the shoulder.


Thus begins "The Night is Forever."


Set on a fictional equine-assisted therapy facility in Tennessee, the mystery not only involves ghosts but ghost hunters ... one of them a a very handsome fellow called Dustin, who is falling for Olivia even as he tries to help her investigate Marcus' death. As more deaths occur around the Horse Farm, the plot thickens constantly.


Heather Graham is very good at romantic suspense, and throwing in an entertaining paranormal twist didn't hurt here. Graham draws on local color to set a historical background for her present-day events, and keeps readers guessing at the "whodunnit." (I was oh-so-wrong in my suspicions!)


Though this is the third of a series, it stands alone quite well. I found it entertaining and well-crafted, and would recommend it to fans of the genre.