The Gargoyle. A Novel

The Gargoyle - Andrew Davidson I would never have discovered this book if I hadn't seen it on GoodReads -- and I am very glad I did.We meet the unnamed, first-person narrator as he experiences a horrific car wreck and is badly burned. A great deal of the book concerns his experiences on the burn unit, and how his visits by a psychiatric patient named Marianne Engel liven up his days.Then, Marianne starts talking about her life in a 14th C. German nunnery and how they had known each other in the past. Her stories at first entertain and then intrigue the patient, and he goes to live with her in her sculpture studio after discharge.This book is beautifully written; the author's use of language is poetic, and the story is gripping. Seldom do I finish a book of this length within 24 hours of starting it, but that is what I did in this case.Highly recommended.