Lost in a Good Book (Thursday Next Series #2)

Lost in a Good Book (Thursday Next Series #2) - I never thought I would be a fan of absurdist fiction -- until a friend introduced me to Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next novels. The heroine is a special operative for literature, with the ability to enter and leave books in order to stop crimes.In this particular outing, Thursday is apprenticed to Miss Havisham, from Dickens' "Great Expectations," to learn how to jump from book to book. She is trying to go back in literature and time to stop her husband's eradication (which has already happened) by the Chronology Police, who want her to do something in particular for them (to reveal it would be a spoiler). She is assisted in this work by the Cheshire Cat, who runs the Great Library.As with "The Eyre Affair," the first book in the series, the better read one is the more amusing this book becomes. With pun-filled character names, such as detectives Lamme and Slorter, Operative Harris Tweed and best-selling author Millon de Floss, there are chuckles on every page.