Emma - Jane Austen, Fiona Stafford This was my first experiment with using the Palm OS as an eReader. While the software works splendidly, and the price for the eBook was right (free), I wish I could be as pleased with "Emma" as I was with the Palm. :-/I found "Emma" to be lacking in the cleverness and social commentary of "Pride and Prejudice," just to name one downfall. I found the characters confusing (that there was more than one Mr. Knightley did not help), and not particularly likeable. Emma was a simpering busybody who dispensed poor advice which, for reasons I could not divine, all of her friends kept taking despite evidence that to do so was a bad idea!Emma fancies herself quite a matchmaker, you see, and keeps trying to arrange engagements between friends whose hearts are otherwise engaged. As is typical of most romantic comedies nowadays, she is (naturally) destined to fall in love with and marry the character whom she protests throughout the novel is the most detestable fellow in town. I saw this one coming for miles.I was not terribly impressed. :-(