Duma Key - Stephen King

After Edgar Freemantle is in a serious industrial accident that costs him his right arm, his life falls apart on many levels. On the advice of one of his physicians, he decides to move away from Minnesota and have a completely fresh start on a small Florida island, Duma Key. He rents a house there from an eccentric elderly neighbor, Elizabeth Eastlake.

Things are going pretty well for a while. Edgar discovers that he not only has a talent for sketching, but one for painting. He is soon churning out painting after painting ... and then discovers that he can manipulate reality by painting what he wants to have happen.

I hadn't read any of Stephen King's books in years, until I picked up Doctor Sleep a few months ago and remembered how good King is at psychological horror. This book is another splendid example. Yes, there are supernatural forces at play here, but the main action of the book involves Freemantle's concern for his family, and for Elizabeth and her caretaker Wireman as events begin to spin further out of control.

I would highly recommend this book for King's fans who may not have read it yet.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1028947083