Heartless - Jaimey Grant I need to start with a confession: I'm a walkaway from the romance genre. When I was asked to review "Heartless," I was glad to accept the invitation. I didn't know quite what to expect, other than what the synopsis told me.What I got was a surprise.Jaimey Grant's Regency romance is part of the "old school" (read: clean) style of writing. Her primary characters, Hart and Leandra, are well-written and likable -- even in their foibles. Married for completely non-altruistic reasons on both sides, they are both determined in their own ways to make the best of the situation.There are a good many secondary characters, which can lead to some confusion -- especially as so many of them seem to be relatives. However, a quick glance back at a previous page relieved the issue.The surprise was unexpected tears during a poignant part of the book. Ms. Grant wrote characters that came to life on the page and made me care about them. That is a true gift, and I am grateful that it was shared with me.(Review based on eBook edition.)