Little Fuzzy

Little Fuzzy - H. Beam Piper I re-read this charming book recently, and enjoyed it just as much as the first time."Little Fuzzy" is the story of Jack Holloway, a sunstone miner who finds (or is found by) a cute little creature he names Little Fuzzy. It soon becomes apparent to Jack that his friend is not some sort of animal, but part of a tribe of tool-using, problem solving locals on the planet Zarathustra.This is problematic for the mining company that has set up on the planet, because the law says that planets with sapient inhabitants cannot be exploited and mined without sharing profits.Thus begins the battle between Holloway and his friends to first prove the Fuzzies are a sapient people and second -- to keep them alive!I am usually not one for hard science fiction and, despite its whimsical bent, this is a hard science fiction tale. However, Piper makes this book about more than just machines and dystopias ... and makes us all wish for a Fuzzy friend of our own.Highly recommended.