GREEN HORNET CHRONICLES - DM ED - VARIOUS One of my favorite guilty pleasures (although I have one friend who says we should never feel guilty about pleasures) is the old Green Hornet TV program. So, when my husband brought this anthology home for me after seeing it in a convention dealers' room, I was delighted.As is often the case with anthologies, this one is a trifle uneven. There were some editorial issues in a few of the tales, and none in others. What was 100 percent consistent were the outstanding illustrations by artist Ruben Procopio; each tale has a drawing at the beginning to set the tone.My favorite stories were Matthew Baugh's "The Inside Man," about a Native American man who has just returned from Vietnam and is trying to help his family financially, and [a:Harlan Ellison|7415|Harlan Ellison|]'s "The Soul of Solomon." This latter is an unfinished tale that includes notes on why it remains incomplete and always will.This was a fun read that Hornet fans are sure to enjoy.