Paris Twilight

Paris Twilight - Russ Rymer Russ Rymer's debut novel, "Paris Twilight," is the story of anesthesiologist Matilde Anselm, who is brought to Paris to be part of a special medical team. The lead surgeon is a former colleague and lover, Willem, who is being very secretive about the procedure in which they will be involved.In the mean while, Matilde is contacted by a Parisian lawyer to let her know that she has inherited an apartment in the 7th Arrondissement ... from a man of whom she has never heard. Eager to dispose of her inheritance, Matilde visits the tiny apartment so that she may evaluate it ... and is soon brought into political intrigues both present and past.Set against the backdrop of the first Gulf War, Rymer brings us into a Paris that is torn by war protests ... and in which no one Matilde meets is quite what they seem. Rymer clearly knows Paris well; I could see each street as he described Matilde's travels, having been to Paris myself. It is these little details and touches that make the story feel so real for the reader.This book is a politico-medical thriller, which is an interesting genre juxtaposition. Suffice it to say that I didn't want to put the book down; I read it over the course of a day and a half. There are so many complications that to further describe the plot is to deliver spoilers.Highly recommended.