Murder in Belleville: An Aimee Leduc Investigation

Murder in Belleville - Cara Black "Murder in Belleville" is the second of the Aimee Leduc investigations, and the third one that I have read.In this tale, Aimee's friend Anais has asked her to help track down Sylvie, Anais' husband's latest mistress. They find her ... only to witness her being killed in a car bombing. This is how the book begins.The primary subplot, which eventually ties in with the first, involves Algerian refugee illegal immigrants, the sans papiers. They have taken up residence inside a Belleville church, and some of them have gone on hunger strike to bring attention to their plights. Anais' husband, Phillippe, is one of the government ministers working to arrange their deportation. As Aimee tries to find out who killed Sylvie, she gets drawn further into the world of the Algerians and learns more about them than she expects.The plot twists are many in this book, and the action is constant. The book also brings to light some of the challenges faced by immigrants all over the world, and is thus much more than just a simple "whodunnit."Highly recommended.