Pier Lights

Pier Lights - Ella M. Kaye I have to say, right at the start, that I had a hard time connecting to the two main characters, Caroline and Dio.Caroline is a former ballet dancer who suffers a career-ending injury (we are not told what it is or how it happens until almost the end of the book). We are told that she was almost the prima ballerina of the company, which would have made her a top-tier soloist at a minimum. In any event, instead of doing what most former ballet dancers do and becoming a director, an instructor or so on ... Caroline goes back to her home town and becomes a stripper. This makes absolutely no sense ... except for one thing.Caroline has become infatuated with Dio -- although she doesn't know his name -- from watching him practice with his sword at night, way out on the water in a boat, as she watches from the sandy shoreline.And Dio? Well, he's a farmer in the area ... who also just happens to be a stripper at the same club. And he wears a mask to hide his own injury, which is likewise not explained until the end of the book.I found some of the supporting characters in the book, like Harry and Nelda, to be more interesting than the two leads and wanted to know more about their story. Perhaps the author will tell it some time.There was a lot of potential in this book, I won't deny it. The author has a nice style and good pacing. It just wasn't my cup of tea.