Skeleton Man

Skeleton Man - Tony Hillerman It's getting harder and harder to find a Tony Hillerman novel I haven't read, so running across this one was a real treat.The story begins with a plane crash over the Grand Canyon in 1956 ... and ties into a modern-day case in which Cowboy Dashee's mentally disabled cousin Billy tries to pawn an enormous diamond for $20. The diamond is one listed as missing from the plane crash, and so Billy is hauled in to jail for theft.There are, of course, even more complications. Retired police lieutenant Joe Leaphorn is trying (not very hard, of course) to stay out of the case. Jim Chee is thinking more about the case than he is about his upcoming wedding to the very patient Bernie Manuelito. There are a lot of things happening.It was a treat to be reunited with some old friends in the form of this book's characters. As is usual with Hillerman's novels, the action is fast-paced and entertaining.