The Supremes at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat

The Supremes at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat - Edward Kelsey Moore Edward Kelsey Moore's debut novel is an entertaining, fast-paced tale of the true meaning of friendship and love.The titular Supremes are three African-American women: Odette, Clarice and Barbara Jean, best friends since high school in Plainview, Indiana. Now in late middle age, they face numerous challenges. Clarice's husband, Richmond, is a philanderer; Barbara Jean's elderly husband is unwell ... and Odette is having some rather peculiar things going on at home.The story reflects on the women's time growing up as well as their present-day challenges in a way that is gripping and yes, sometimes humorous. Everyone in the story has his or her own set of issues -- and we see it all through their weekly gatherings at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat diner, the local eatery.I enjoyed Moore's style (partly first-person from Odette's POV and partly third person); the story rolled like a smooth run of silk. I felt like the people in this book were people I knew well. The challenges the three women face throughout the pages test their friendships and other relationships as well -- in ways that none of them imagine.Highly recommended.(Review based on uncorrected advance proof.)